Vettex Double Lip Mouthguards with strap just $5.96 Wholesale..

Our Vettex Double Lip Mouthguards with 23 Colors with 2 sizes.

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Each Vettex comes with a Manufacturers Dental Warranty by Markwort sports in Mo who owns the Vettex and the trademark in USA.

All International orders cost extra, we will invoice by country.

Vettex Double Lip Mouth Guards are Brand New!

Shipped Daily here within the USA Only / No International!

Available in over 22 Colors!

Just order any 2 or more per order now till Aug 31st & be placed in a drawing to will 100 Free Vettex Aug31st/ A $899.00 winners take all Value! Super chance offer 2 fall football buyers out there! If you don't ORDER before Aug 31st you can't have a chance to win!

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Regular Price: $16.99 -  (Save $13.03 off each cap bought)

Very Limited Time Sales Event:

Fall league orders get wholesale see below, don't pay more elsewhere.

The more you order per Vettex size color on 12 or more, the better pricing is per order!


Must buy 2 or MORE per order! OR Must buy 12 or more per order!

$7.99 Ea.


$5.96 Ea.



 BULK FLAT RATE SHIPPING HERE! The more you order per color size the better the pricing.

2 Sizes
20 Colors
2 Sizes
20 Colors

Buyers trying to  order less then 2 per $7.99, said orders will be placed in pending!

Hey There, I got my PINK Vettex, Get YOURS - HURRY.

Buy Up All You Can - Why You Can - Hurry Sold Each or Dozens!


Vettex Strapless Double Lip Mouthguards!

$8.00 Each these are Free Shipping.

Must order any 2 or more per order!

Ordering less then 2 strapless per order, Order will be placed in pending!

2 Sizes
20 Colors


Its way cheaper to buy in dozens!

Vettex Mouthguards with Strap.

Just email us 12 of one color or any mix of 12 colors for quicker buying!

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