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Youth sizes 11 & under while Adult size is 12 and up to full Adult & NFL players even use this products.

Amazing Vettex™ Mouth Guards Color / Size Chart.

Vettex Orange Vettex Black Vettex Yellow 2Vettex Navy Vettex Green Vettex Scarlet
Vettex Purple Vettex Tan/Beige Vettex Royal Vettex Silver Vettex H-Pink Vettex White
Vettex V- Gold Vettex Maroon Vettex Light Pink Vettex C-BLUE Vettex Tx Orange Vettex Kelly
Vettex Aqua Vettex  Lime      Vettex Clear Vettex Cardinal

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$8.99 Each



2 Sizes
22 Colors

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